Over the years SORBS has provided a special support address for ISPs in an attempt to prioritise legitimate requests which do not conform to formats used by most end users. Unfortunately support in the past was sometimes hit and miss as SORBS was maintained by volunteers, however since July 2011 SORBS has had an employed Support team consisting of dedicated Level 1 and Level 2 personel with a backline of Michelle Sullivan (the creator of SORBS at Level 3.)

SORBS also, for ISPs and large companies, also provides direct access using the SORBS Net Manger. The SORBS Net Manager allows authorised users of authorised companies to log in to the SORBS web interface and make changes to the SORBS database directly.

The changes possible for an authorised account are everything from both listing and delisting Dynamic IP ranges to viewing and delisting spamtrap hits for your network space. This includes removing the requirement for a user to be using the host listed to perform a direct delisting within the normal Support Framework and Rules (if you are logged in with networks assigned we know what you are authorised to act upon, so the restriction is ignored.)

Manager Access
Access to the SORBS Management interfaces is restricted and goverened by contract with penalties in the event of someone using it maliciously, or to feed incorrect information into the SORBS database.

The Management access allows the company authorised contact to add and remove access for any user, so that if you are a very large company with many departments you can assign access to other users in your company as you see fit (this includes a subset of permissions as well as restricting the network area where an individual is allowed to act.)

Manager Access also gives access to the
Requirements for Access
The general requirement for access to the management facilities are that requesting company is either an ISP or a large company. If you have your own Public ASN you are considered an 'ISP or Large Company', however not having a public ASN does not disqualify you, it just means more checks are made. You will be expected to have public company registration and t least one network assigned to you by a Registrar such as ARIN, RIPE, or APNIC.

If you have your own network supplied by your ISP and registered to you in a public Registry you should petition your ISP for access to the SORBS Managers as your ISP (if they have access) will be able to sub-allocate permissions for your network within SORBS automatically and without SORBS Support interaction. SORBS Support will, in most cases, not allocate permission to you directly without the support of your ISP.

Management Access Agreement
To gain access to the SORBS Management Interfaces you will need to visit the Management Tools FAQ where you can find the Mangers Access Agreement which has to be signed by an authorised company representitive (e.g. your CEO) granting access to you and/or your colleagues. The terms are non-negotiable, they are designed purely to ensure the company gaining access is not trying to gain access to 'blanket delist' all IP space (and thereby enter false information, as has happened in the past, and as some currently try to do.) Any company entering false information will have their access revoked, the audit log will be used to restore all changes and legal remedy may follow. (In laymans terms, play nice and we'll give you the world. Deliberately falsify information and we will come down hard.) We are however open to suggestion by lawyers for changes in the terms for the access agreement for all users.

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